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How To Save On Home Insurance with Home Improvement

  1. Use Fire-Resistant Siding: Installing new siding with fire-resistant materials (like metal or cement shingles) can save up to 20% on your home insurance! This is especially true for areas that are susceptible to forest fires.

  2. Get No-Burst Metal Washer Hoses: Because rubber washing machine hoses are notorious for bursting and causing water damage, insurance companies will give deductions for replacing them with metal washer hoses! Metal washer hoses are still flexible, yet essentially leak-free.

  1. Remove Brush and Keep Trees Trim: If you live in an area that is at risk for wildfires, then removing brush and trimming your trees regularly can help reduce your home’s risk. Insurance companies may give you a discount for upkeep on your property.

  2. Install Trouble Detectors: Trouble detectors that can help warn of plumbing failures may also save you some money! Temperature sensors that detect when the furnace is broken or leak detectors are relatively inexpensive.

  3. Prepare For Floods: If you live in an area that is at high risk for flooding, then make sure you have flood openings and put all your utilities above ground level. That can help you reduce your premium for flood insurance!

  4. Use Tough Roofing Materials: 

  1. Installing Storm Shutters: In areas that often have hurricanes, it can save a lot of money on your hurricane insurance to install storm shutters. Most shutters will pay themselves off in 3-5 years!

  2. Remove Old Structures on Your Property: Have an old shed in your backyard? Chances are you are paying for any other building on your property. Make sure your buildings are up to code, or just remove them and save on your premium!

Get Advice from Our Glendale Insurance Agents Before making improvements to save on insurance, call our Glendale insurance agents to make sure that these discounts will apply to your home insurance. We are more than happy to review your policy with you and suggest the best home improvements for your plan. If you are looking for a brand new policy, then be sure to request a quote!

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