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Top 4 Insurance Risks on the 4th of July (Bet You Can’t Guess #1)

1. Cooking Fires Did you guess right? The most common insurance claim made on the 4th of July is actually NOT for fireworks, but for cooking fires. This includes fires caused by grills, smokers, and pits that accidentally got out of control. The average for years past is nearly a $100 million dollars in claims annually. While this type of claim may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance, you should double check your policy before you fire up the grill. You'll need coverage for fire damages to your property as well as if another person gets hurt by the fire on your property.

2. Car Accidents The second most common insurance claim is for car accidents. The 4th of July is one of the deadliest days to drive in the entire year, attributed to drunk drivers and distracted teens.  If you are driving on this day, make sure that you stay alert and definitely don’t drink and drive! Review your auto insurance policy to make sure that you have full coverage.

3. Fireworks Unsurprisingly, fireworks make the list of the top insurance claims on the 4th of July! Both professional displays and backyard pyrotechnics cause accidents landing between 8,000 and 9,000 people in the emergency room each year (U.S. Fire Administration). If you’re lighting up fireworks around your home, then it might be a good time to review your home insurance policy to see what is covered. For example, accidentally lighting your roof on fire might be covered, but lighting the next-door neighbor’s tree on fire won’t be. In addition, you want to make sure that you have enough coverage should someone be hurt on your property.

4. Boating Accidents Lastly, boating accidents are a common claim on the 4th of July, due to firework mishaps and intoxicated drivers. Each year, thousands of boating accidents occur, so make sure your boat insurance policy is up to date before you go out on the water.

Happy Fourth of July from Your Cornerstone Insurance Agents However you celebrate the 4th of July, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your holiday! Get in touch with one of our insurance agents if you'd like to check any of your policies.

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