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How often should you reassess your home insurance?

It’s smart to revisit your home insurance policy once a year and here are a few reasons why:

New Items You may have acquired new expensive items that should be insured. Did grandma just pass down her pearl broach? Did you get a roomful of brand new furniture? These need to be assessed and accounted for on your policy. This also counts if you’ve given away or sold any expensive items as well!

House Remodels Whether you just added on to your house or simply remodeled your kitchen, this could greatly change the price of replacing your home in case of damage. If you’ve had extensive work done, you may need to get an appraiser out to reassess the value of your home.

Building Code Changes Glendale and Burbank are notorious for having strict building codes that change often. If your town’s building code has changed and your house isn’t up to standard, then you could be slapped with some hefty costs when rebuilding that your insurance won’t cover.

New Discounts Did you just install a new alarm system? Perhaps you updated the locks on your doors. Any home safety measures that you took since the last time you checked your policy, make sure you mention to your agent! You may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance.

Contact Our Glendale Insurance Agents To Review Your Home Insurance Policy! If you haven’t reviewed your home policy in a year or more, then don’t wait to contact our independent insurance agents at Cornerstone Preferred Insurance. We are happy to sit down and review your policy with you. If we know that we can get you a better deal from a different provider, we’ll let you know!

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