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How a Trampoline Impacts Your Home Insurance

Your child has been begging you to get a trampoline, but you are hesitant because somewhere in the back of mind, you remember a friend’s home insurance policy being cancelled because of a trampoline. Before you jump to any conclusions and decide against it, let’s look at the actual impact that getting a trampoline will have on your home insurance.

  1. Some Insurance Companies Allow Trampolines, Some Don’t Before you get a trampoline, you should absolutely call your insurance company to see if they allow trampolines. Some companies allow it, and some do not, not even for a higher premium. It's a bad idea not to let them know about it at all. If you do not apprise them of the new liability, then you won’t get coverage if someone gets injured on it.

  2. Some Insurance Companies Will Charge You Extra, Some Won’t If your insurance company allows trampolines, then they may or may not charge you extra for the additional liability. Some allow it for no extra cost, and some will allow it with a higher premium. If your insurance company does not allow trampolines, then you could switch to one that does; however, your policy premium may increase.

  3. Follow the Safety Precautions If your insurance company does allow trampolines, then they will also probably give you a list of safety precautions to follow. In case of an injury, if they find out that the safety precautions were not followed, then they could deny coverage. Precautions may include:

  1. Netting around the trampoline

  2. The trampoline is properly secured to the ground

  3. Fenced-in yard

Talk to Our Insurance Agents About Your Trampoline Insurance Needs Thinking about getting a trampoline? Make sure that you discuss your plans with our agents. We can help you find out if your current home insurance policy will cover a trampoline, or help you find one that does! Since we are independent agents, we are not limited to any one company, but can look for a policy with the company that best fits your needs.  We may also be able to get coverage through an umbrella policy. Our insurance agents are known for their home insurance expertise, especially for the Southern California area. We have offices centrally located in both Glendale and Santa Clarita. Give us a call today!

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