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A Step by Step Guide to Insuring Your Teen Driver

  1. Call Your Insurance Agent and Involve Your Teen in the Discussion Before your teen gets their learner’s permit, put in a quick call to your insurance representative and include your teen in the call. Let them hear about the responsibility of drivers to have car insurance and the relationship between a good driving record and lower premiums. Make sure that they understand the impact of traffic accidents and even just traffic infractions on their insurance costs.

  2. Provide Incentives Most auto insurance companies will provide discounts for students who meet criteria, including:

  3. good grades – a “B” average or higher; dean’s list or honor roll; top 20% on standardized testing

  4. taking a recognized driver safety course

  5. using an electronic device to monitor driving habits

  6. college students who attend school at least 100 miles away from home and don’t bring their car

  7. Choose the Right Auto Insurance Company Instead of having your teen purchase their own insurance policy, it’s usually cheaper to add them to your own policy. That way, you qualify for a multi-vehicle discount. However, it’s important to compare pricing because different companies charge different rates for teen driver. At Cornerstone Preferred Insurance, our agents can do all that leg work for you and price shop hundreds of different policies to see which one is the most affordable for adding your teen. We may recommend staying with your current insurance provider or switching to a new company altogether, depending on what we find.

  8. Assign Your Teen to the Right Car

  1. Increase Liability Protection Now is the time to check your liability coverage as oftentimes the state minimums will not be enough to fully cover you in case of an accident. Ask our agents what they recommend when having a teen driver. You don’t want to get hit with an unexpected lawsuit for damages and injuries that you can’t afford.

Get Complimentary Advice from One of Our Agents If you’re wondering about insuring your teen driver, then make sure you talk to one of our agents ASAP! We’ll sit down with you and look at your current policies and discuss options for adding your teen, or even switching to a new insurance provider altogether. There may also be other ways of reducing costs, such as increasing your premiums or adding your teen as an “occasional” driver. It is worth a quick call to one of our car insurance experts to save potentially hundreds of dollars on your premiums. We’re here to help!

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