August 23, 2012

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car insurance after car accidentWhen you choose Cornerstone Preferred Insurance, you get a dedicated car insurance agent who will shop the best providers and choose the most affordable car insurance plan with the best coverage. Don’t miss any discounts you deserve!

We will be here anytime to help with any questions or needs you might have about your car insurance. Better yet, we don’t charge an extra cent. In fact, as an independent insurance agency, we have access to better plans than if you were to go directly with a large provider like State Farm or Geico.

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The Basics of Car Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a protection against financial loss in case of an accident. It can help pay for medical costs, property damage, and repairs for your vehicle.

What are the different types of car insurance coverages that I could get? 

  1. Collision Coverage- this pays for repairs to your car in case of an accident, whether someone hit your vehicle, or you hit theirs. Collision coverage is usually limited to the cash value of your car.
  2. Personal Injury Protection – this covers any medical expenses that injured drivers or passengers incur. It also may cover pedestrians who are injured by a vehicle.
  3. Bodily Injury Liability– this is a protection in case you accidentally injure or kill another person while driving. This covers people only, not vehicles.
  4. Uninsured Motorist- this provides protection in case of an accident with a driver who is not insured, or a hit and run driver.
  5. Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage – protects against damage to a vehicle if it is stolen, burnt or flooded.
  6. Property Damage Liability- pays for damage to someone else’s property caused by your car.

In addition, one can also purchase emergency roadside service, rental car coverage, and breakdown insurance.

What types of car insurance does California require?

According to the California Insurance Code §11580.1b, the state of California requires that every vehicle have the following coverage:

  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
  • $5,000 for damage to property

How will the insurance company determine my risk?

Most insurance companies use a Risk Assessment Indicator which combines your credit information with other relevant data to produce a certain score. Factors include:

  • length of credit history
  • late payments
  • previous accidents
  • moving violations
  • age
  • marital status
  • gender

Do car insurance costs increase?

Yes. There are a number of reasons that your car insurance could increase, including:

  • Tickets for speeding or other traffic violations
  • Accidents
  • Adding a new driver
  • Moving to a different zip code
  • Switching vehicles

In addition, if medical costs, auto repair costs, or claim adjuster costs increase, or there is general inflation, car insurance costs may also increase.

How do I choose the best car insurance?

At Cornerstone Preferred Insurance in Glendale and Santa Clarita, we have a number of different providers that we recommend. Call one of our car insurance agents so we can begin shopping for the best provider for your specific needs.

You can also fill out our online quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Don’t worry about doing the difficult work of comparing plans. We do it at no extra cost to you!

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