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Common Insurance Misconceptions

Myth #1: Your Credit Score Does Not Affect Your Insurance Rate Wrong! While your insurer may not care how many dollars are in your bank, your past history of finance management could very well affect your premium. Many insurers will charge a higher rate to people with low credit scores because they generally have a higher risk of making expensive claims. You may think that an insurance company won’t look at your credit score, but what you may not realize is that in states where it is allowed, insurance companies will base your premium off of your credit score.

Myth #2: “Full-Coverage” Insurance Covers Me for Anything While your insurance agent may have used the term “full-coverage” or “comprehensive coverage”, that does not mean your insurance will cover you for everything. Make sure you talk to your agent to ask them what full-coverage means and more importantly, what isn’t covered.

Myth #4: It’s Best to Buy Insurance from a Dedicated Agent While it may seem like sticking with an agent who is dedicated to one company is the best way to get a good price, it’s the opposite. Working with an independent agent will allow you more access to policies that could fit your needs much better than an agent who only has access to one company.  Independent agents don’t cost any extra money and are only motivated by your needs, rather than the insurance company's needs as with a dedicated agent.

Questions About Your Policy? Call Our Insurance Agents in Glendale and Santa Clarita If you’ve realized that you’ve fallen prey to a common insurance misconception, then now is the time to take action! Call one of our independent insurance agents at Cornerstone Preferred Insurance. We can help you understand your policy and the best way to save time and money. Insurance shouldn’t be a hassle, but a help! Give us a call at (888) 840-4020 or get a quote from us online.

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