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Why You Still Need Life Insurance When You Retire

  1. Do you still support any of your kids or grandkids? According to statistics, more than half of retirees are still helping to support their kids or grandkids. If you are no longer around to provide that financial assistance, life insurance can be a great asset to them.

  2. What happens to your pension after you die? In many cases, your pension will “die” with you, leaving your spouse with few options. Life insurance can help offset the lack of income for your spouse or beneficiaries.

  3. Do you have any children with special needs? Children and adults with special needs will most likely need continued care after you are gone. You may want to consider funding a special-needs trust with your life insurance, so that your child can have the necessary resources.

  4. Do you still have debt? Whether you have house debt, vehicle debt, or education debt, life insurance can help to pay for these debts after you are gone. If you’d like to discuss your needs with an experienced agent, then please contact Cornerstone Preferred Insurance. We can provide expert advice on whether or not you should continue with your current insurance plan, switch to a different plan, or end your plan altogether. Since we are an independent agency, our concern is solely for you! We aren’t tied to any one provider or plan, so your needs are always our first priority. Call (888) 840-4020 or fill out an online form to get in touch with us.

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