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Why You Might Not Need Dental Insurance

  1. Dental plans are underutilized. The average person only has 1-2 cleanings a year, which averages $80. Dental policy premiums are anywhere from $300-600 a year, so you’d actually be saving money by paying out-of-pocket. “Well, isn’t this the same as what I do with health insurance?” you might ask? Actually, it isn’t. It is similar but there is a slight nuance which is the second reason that dental plans are not a good deal.

  2. Dental plans have low maximum benefits. For almost every other type of insurance (health, home, auto), customers pay a premium every month and then they have a deductible to pay when there is a health issue or accident. After that, the insurance company will take care of the large majority of the costs. With current health insurance regulations, there is even a maximum to the amount insurance companies can make you pay, no matter what! With dental insurance, however, customers have a yearly premium, a deductible, and then a maximum benefit. A maximum benefit is a cap to the amount that an insurance will pay out in a given time period. This means that once you have used your maximum benefit (average is $1500), then you will have to pay the rest out-of-pocket! So if you have complex dental problems for which you would want insurance, you would likely reach the maximum benefit very quickly and have to pay out-of-pocket anyways.

  3. Not all dental practices accept insurance or will accept your insurance. Once you get dental insurance, you may be limiting yourself in terms of which dentist you can choose and where they are located. Not all dental practices accept all insurances, some accept none. Paying out-of-pocket can allow you access to the dentist you want, rather than getting stuck with a dentist you don’t like.

insurance, that it is financially responsible for your family! At Cornerstone, our Glendale insurance agents can provide expert advice on the types of insurance that are right for you and your family. Our main goal is to provide you with the best policies for the best price. We won’t advise you to take out policies that don’t make sense! Fill out an online form to get a quote or give us a call at (888)-840-4020.

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