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The Main Differences Between Condo and Home Insurance

  1. Home insurance: covers inside and outside the structure, including the land

  2. Condo insurance: covers the interior of your structure. The land, building structure, and common areas are jointly owned and therefore insured by your HOA Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look into all the intricacies of condo insurance vs. home insurance.

Dwelling Coverage 

Liability CoverageCondo insurance: policies should cover injuries or death inside your home, however, you won’t need coverage for any pools or common areas like a stairwell. Those will typically be covered by your HOA insurance. Home insurance: policies should cover injuries or death that happen on their land, interior and exterior.

Personal Property Coverage Coverage for personal belongings are essentially the same for both condo owners and home owners. The key to personal property coverage is making sure that you inventory all your belongings and have enough coverage to replace the total value.

Understand the Ins and Outs of Your Home Insurance Policy Whether you have a condo or a house, our home insurance agents can help you get the right policy. Make sure that you have the protection you need by getting in touch with Cornerstone Preferred Insurance. We have convenient locations in both Glendale and Santa Clarita. Get in touch with us by calling (888) 840-4020 or filling out an online quote form.

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