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How Car Safety Can Get You Discounts On Car Insurance

auto insurance? Many insurance companies will offer a discount for proven safety mechanisms that reduce chances of an accident. Here are the top safety features that can help you cut costs:

  1. Air bags Although air bags have been a requirement since 1999, the amount of airbags in various models still has a huge range from 1-10. Many newer models have air bags for the backseat as well as the front. Some insurance companies offer more discounts the more airbags that your vehicle contains.

  2. Anti-lock brakes When a car is skidding, a locked wheel makes the car much harder to control. The anti-lock feature allows the wheel to rotate slowly, and thus makes the car safer to drive. In 2012, all autos are now required to have an anti-lock feature.

  3. Lights that run during the day Daytime running lights help to prevent head-on collisions. Since they have been a safety standard since 1995, however, most insurers only offer a small discount.

  4. Electronic stability control This technology helps to prevent your car from losing control when you have to turn on a slippery road or make a hard turn. Electronic stability control will automatically apply the brakes as it monitors how your vehicle is responding to the situation. This system has only been required since 2012.

  5. Rearview cameras These allow you to see behind you when you are backing up, helping you avoid damaging your car or hitting objects and persons. In addition to these features, there are some companies that will offer discounts for newer technology, such as cruise control that helps keep your car a safe distance from other vehicles, warning system when your vehicle drifts out of its lane, and collision avoidance warnings. Discounts differ from provider to provider and state to state, so make sure that you talk to an experienced agent about which discounts you qualify for! The Glendale insurance agents at Cornerstone Preferred Insurance will be more than happy to discuss your insurance plan and even provide a free quote. Give us a call or fill out your info online.

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