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Home Insurance Claims – What to DO and What NOT to do

home insurance claim is the last thing you want to think about after having major damage or being the victim of theft. We’re here to help make your life a little easier by exploring the complications of home insurance claims. All experts agree – make sure you save your home insurance claims for the major incidents. Making claims will probably result in increased premiums. Check with us to make sure it’s worth it before filing a claim.

DO: Take photos and video of the damage Documentation is key! Take photos or a video of the damage before you clean up or repair anything. This will help monumentally when you are trying to get your claim approved.

DO: Call your insurance company ASAP Secure your home, then call your insurance company as soon as possible. Some policies have a time limit on when you can make a claim. The last thing you want is to have your claim denied simply because you waited too long! Don’t replace the items or start repairs before you get in touch with your insurer. If there is severe damage to your home, you may want to get estimates from a few reputable contactors and present those to your insurance company when you call.

DO: Keep Home Inventory Update your home inventory with proof by receipts, pictures, and video so you can prove your items were lost, destroyed, or stolen. This is especially essential for bigger ticket items!

DO: Keep Receipts Speaking of receipts, also make sure that you keep receipts related to your claim – hotel, food, incidentals.

DO: Check Your House for Damage After Extreme Weather After earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other extreme weather, make sure you thoroughly check your house for damage. Don’t just assume everything is fine! Check for cracks, roof damage, and damage to any external structures like water heaters or AC.

DO NOT: File Small Claims Save your insurance for major claims or else you will incur penalties of higher premiums! As a general rule of thumb, don’t file a home insurance claim that is less than your deductible. Just pay out of pocket for small claims and then use your policy on big disasters.

DO NOT: Assign Your Benefits to a Contractor 

DO NOT: Accept a Claim that You Aren’t Happy With If you are not happy with the amount that your insurer offers, you don’t have to accept it! Write to the insurer and ask them to reconsider.

Get in Touch with Our Insurance Agents for Assistance If you have any questions about your home insurance claim or your home insurance policy, then talk to our insurance agents! We are located in Glendale and Santa Clarita.

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