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Help! I'm Paying Too Much for Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums are calculated based on A LOT of different factors. We all know the big ones: your zip code, age, the type of car you drive, and your driving record. But what about all the other elements that make up your premium? Here, we address some little issues which will help cut down on your car insurance if you make some adjustments:

  1. You aren’t bundling your policies. You may be able to bundle home/renters’ insurance, car insurance, and/or life insurance for a great discount. Consider transferring some of your policies under one company or taking out other policies for more coverage at a cheaper rate.

  2. You don’t respond to your insurance company. If you tend to forget about your bills or ignore requests for updated information, your insurance company may fine for non-payment or failure to answer. You could also see your premiums go up! Make sure to open your mail and pay your bills on time.

  1. You have a youthful operator on your policy. Your teen just got their license and now it’s time to insure them. Make sure that they aren’t the principal driver on your cars, but an “occasional operator”. Also, be sure to look for discounts for good grades and additional driver training courses.

Get Expert Help from Our Insurance Agents at No Extra Cost To make sure that you are getting the best price for your auto insurance policy, please call our independent insurance agents for help. We can search across hundreds of providers to make sure that all your insurance policies are getting you the most coverage and an affordable premium for your budget. We don’t work for any one company, so you can get all your policies under one roof and reduce the hassle! There is no charge for our services and we aren't more expensive than going directly to a carrier. Take a few minutes to give us a call at (888) 840-4020 or get a quote online!

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