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Glendale Has Highest Insurance Rates in California

  1. High number of accidents with bodily injury

  2. High number of accidents with underinsured or uninsured drivers

  3. Higher value of cars being driven Single drivers in Glendale are paying around $1800 a year for basic car insurance, while other drivers are paying more like $1400. Male teenagers in Glendale, however, are paying up to $3,000 a year! That’s almost $250 per month.

How Can You Save on Car Insurance in Glendale? If you live in Glendale, the situation may seem a bit hopeless. Fortunately, insurance costs DO vary from carrier to carrier, so price shopping can help you some. Our insurance agents have access to all the best deals, and we’ll price shop for you at no extra cost! In addition, you can get discounts on the following:

  1. lower rates for married couples

  2. lower cost for good students

  3. lower cost for low mileage

  4. lower rates for good drivers (no accidents or violations)Get in touch with one of our Glendale insurance agents at Cornerstone Preferred Insurance to talk about your options. We work for YOU not an insurance company, so we’ll make sure that you get the best rates for the policy.

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