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A Quick Easy Guide to Making a Home Insurance Claim

1.     Report Crime If you’re a theft victim, then the first step is to call the police. Don’t clean up the damage or touch anything until the police arrive and survey the scene. Their police report will be essential in making a claim to your insurance company.

2.     Call Your Agent Most insurance policies have a time limit for making your claim. Call your agent to get details on your coverage, such as:

  1. Home repair deductibles

  2. Length of processing time

  3. Rules for obtaining repair estimates Your insurance company is required to send you claim forms after they’ve been notified that you need to make your claim. Once you receive them, you can fill them out ASAP to avoid any delays. When you work with the insurance team at Cornerstone, you don't have worry about calling your insurance carrier! All you have to do is get in touch with our amazing customer service team and we’ll help you out. As a small company, we are better equipped to help you with your needs than a large company who won’t know your name. That’s one of the major benefits of working with an independent insurance provider.

3.     List Stolen or Damaged Property Prepare a home inventory list of all goods that were stolen or damaged during the event. Take pictures or videotape the damage and then supply any receipts that you have. This is especially important for big ticket items such as electronics, furniture, jewelry etc…

4.     Make Repairs As Needed Protect your property from further damage as needed. Just make sure to keep receipts for everything that you spend so you can submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you need to relocate because you are unable to live in your home, then make sure you keep a record of all your expenses.

5.     Get Your Settlement Once an adjuster comes to your home to inspect the damage, the insurance company will offer a settlement. You can choose to accept or appeal this settlement. If you have any questions about their offer, make sure to call your agent!

The Best Home Insurance Agents in Glendale and Santa Clarita If you’re looking for the best home insurance in California, then make sure to call the insurance agents at Cornerstone Preferred Insurance. We’ll go the extra mile for your family to make sure that you have the best home insurance coverage at the most affordable price. As independent agents, we have access to a number of providers and can find you the policy that fits your specific needs.

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