August 23, 2012

Personal Insurance in Glendale & Santa Clarita, CA

Need An Affordable Personal Insurance Plan?

family with personal insurance Call Our Independent Insurance Agents in Glendale & Santa Clarita! We Offer Home, Auto, Life, Health Insurance and More.

Are you tired of hearing all those insurance commercials that say you can save money, only to find out that they are unable to deliver on their promise? When you choose Cornerstone Preferred Insurance, you get an independent personal insurance agent who can search different insurance providers to find you the best personal insurance plan. We aren’t limited like State Farm and Geico to only finding plans within their company. We have access to multiple top providers and can easily compare plans!

We are uniquely able to pick and choose between plans that fit your budget and your needs.
Our insurance agents don’t work for insurance companies, we work for YOU!

Handling All Types of Personal Insurance

personal-insurance-familyFrom having an old pickup truck and a rented apartment to the home of your dreams with a fleet of exotic cars, Cornerstone Preferred is here to handle it all.

Our goal is to get you the best possible coverage for the best possible price…no matter your stage of life. Here are just a few of the areas that we handle in personal insurance:

If you need to purchase specialized insurance for things like fine art, jewelry, or natural disasters, then we can assist you with those as well!

Contact the experienced team at Cornerstone Preferred Insurance today to get started. Call 888-840-4020 to talk to one of our insurance agents in Glendale or Santa Clarita!


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