August 23, 2012

Business Insurance in Glendale & Santa Clarita

Protect Your Company with the Right Business Insurance Plan

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Just like each person, each business has unique challenges and strategies.  Accidents, lawsuits, illnesses, and more can all threaten the health of your business. At Cornerstone Preferred Insurance in Glendale, our goal is to provide you with the best business insurance coverage for the unique needs of your individual company.

As a business owner, when you buy commercial insurance, you want to know that you are getting an agent who deeply understands each aspect of the industry as well as an agent who will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Our partnership with United Agencies, a Top 100 Agent in the US, allows us to have a broad vision and competitive pricing that will put your business in a winning position!

Contact Cornerstone today to get started. Our agents provide their expertise as a complimentary service and aren’t tied to any one insurance provider. We do all the work for you, so you can focus on running your business. We have insurance agencies located in both Glendale and Santa Clarita.

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Types of Business Insurance

Your company needs insurance so that you are protected against every conceivable risk that your business may face. While you may only need minimum coverage, you may also want special protections, depending on your business. Here are some of the different types of insurance that you and your business insurance agent may want to consider:

Not sure what types you need? Our commercial business insurance agents can help find the right insurance package for you. Most small businesses only need general liability and perhaps commercial property; however, as your company grows, it’s important to grow your insurance with it! Here is a brief overview of each type – please reach out to one of our agents for a more detailed explanation and advice about which types your business will need!

General Liability

This type of coverage will cover any accidents, injuries, or claims that you or an employee were negligent. General liability insurance will protect your business against having to pay for property damage, medical expenses, settlements or judgments acquired in a lawsuit, slander, and libel.

Product Liability

If your company manufactures, distributes, or sells a product, then you may be held liable for the safety of that product. Product liability covers your business from financial loss if your product should be defective and cause someone harm. The amount of product liability coverage that you purchase will depend on the risk of your product.

Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability)

If your company provides a service, then errors & omissions insurance will protect your business against claims of error, negligence, and malpractice while providing those services. Some state governments even require that professionals carry a professional liability policy.

Commercial Property

This type of coverage will protect the loss or damage of company property. Company property may include physical property like computers and buildings, or may include lost income or business interruption.

There are two main types of commercial property insurance policies:

  1. All-risk (which covers a more wide range of incidents)
  2. Peril-specific (which covers only incidents noted in the policy)

It is important to talk to an insurance broker about which policies will best suit your business.

Home-Based Business

If you work in your home, then you should consider purchasing additional insurance for a home-based business. Homeowner’s insurance usually doesn’t cover business losses, so a special package is needed.

Government Required

California businesses who have employees are required to pay for workers’ comp insurance, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance. If applicable, commercial auto insurance is also required.

Group Health

Many employers choose to extend group health insurance to their employees as part of their benefits package. This can be one of the most expensive costs of a business, yet one of the most important to employees. Finding the right package can be especially difficult!


If you have any questions about which types of insurance are right for your business, then give our insurance agents in Glendale or Santa Clarita a call.