June 12, 2015

Charlie Deaver

Account Executive

What I Do for You

  • My job is to facilitate new business opportunities with marketing, cold calling and interpersonal interaction with individuals and businesses. I handle new business marketing for prospects and review coverages to be sure my clients are properly covered.

What I’m known For 

  • I am known for always being available to my clients. I will answer an email, a phone, and/or text back at any time.
  • My specialty has been in the Entertainment Rental industry, as well as Habitational industries, such as, apartments and condominiums.

Why I’m Best-Qualified To Help You 

  • I am in the process of becoming a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and I already have my certification as a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS).
  • As a salesman in my previous jobs, the experience helped me transition into the role as an Account Executive here at Cornerstone.

How Long I’ve Been Here

  • I have been with Cornerstone for 3 years and it is how I got my start in the insurance industry.

Where You Can Find Me When I’m Not At Work

  • I have been married to my wonderful wife Nicole for just over 4 years and we have a son named Oakley that just joined our family. I love spending time with my family and experiencing life with them. I also enjoy working on cars, playing golf, and a good meal.

 What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Time?

  • What I enjoy most about my job is being someone people can count on. I have prided myself on being honest and doing my job with integrity, so there is no doubt in my clients mind that they are being taken care of.